Review: Good Riddance

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What even is the point of this book?

I thought I’d be reading a compelling story about a woman’s journey to life after all the bumps in the road but it ended up being an actual pointless story.

It’s not even close to being enchanting or witty or ‘exceptionally’ smart.

I find almost everybody unlikable. I didn’t like Daphne, or Geneva, or even Jeremy. I don’t like Armstrong and even Holly. I wish the story tackled Tom and Kathi’s story instead because they are the only logical characters here.

I guess I really didn’t like it because it dealt with storylines that’s my least favorite: Infidelity, Student/Teacher relationship, Older woman / Younger man, Casual s**, a protagonist like Daphne who does not have any redeemable trait… (If only I had known, I wouldn’t have picked this up at all.)

TBH, I find Daphne so insufferable. She doesn’t really have any real direction, only governed by her heightened emotions and she’s so… stuck in her own hell hole she partly created. I mean, she was the one who decided to marry a man she barely knows… she can’t blame anybody but herself on that. And she threw the yearbook, and willingly entered a no-string-attached relationship with a younger neighbor… It’s so hard being on her side if she’s… like that.

And I don’t feel any spark between her and Jeremy. It felt forced and too convenient. Tho I know it’s the point, being neighbors and all… but I just didn’t feel any connection with them. Again, I rather read the story between her dad and Kathi…

And ghad. The whole thing started because of Geneva doing a podcast based on the yearbook and then her, doing a one woman show with almost the same premise as Geneva? I don’t like Geneva but wow… poor her.

I don’t know. This just didn’t do it for me. How she ended up as an ‘actress’ so farfetched and ridiculous. It sucks that I had to waste my time on this. It could’ve been so much better if we didn’t focus so much on Daphne’s crazy antics.