Ugly thoughts

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Better that I warn you before you submerge yourself with a lot of whining. Seriously. That’s why I needed a new blog so I can pour out my heart and stop bottling it up.

I’ve been feeling this way for a while now.

So, my Dad went to Fresno for a job. My Aunt T. called and told him that a friend of hers is offering a position as a cook. I know its not a great job but here in America, ANYTHING is a GOOD THING. So he took the bus and got the position without batting an eyelash. Like seriously, he doesn’t like the job. He’s a freaking Manager with his own business in the Philippines and now he’ll end up as a cook? That is so not his thing (especially that he’s got a superiority complex, kinda) but I am glad he is doing it despite his hatred towards it.

I was really happy for him so at least he’s got something to do and is earning money as oppose to when he was staying here in LA.

But then now, everybody wants him back! I know I should be touched that everyone of them wants him to go back home but it’s for an ugly reason. Because having him here makes everything simpler for them. My Uncle was on the phone talking to him. He told my Dad to go back here by Sunday because he’s got a meeting to go to and he wants my Dad to cook for them! I mean, really now? My Aunt wants him to go back too coz he’s a great help in the kitchen. My cousin wants him back so he could take care of his dogs (yes, PLURAL). Although we stay at their house and we don’t pay rent, at least we (or at least my dad) buy our food! And for the record, we take care of the house, too! I clean the house for goodness’ sake! Nobody would do that if I weren’t here!

Ugh, everybody wants him back and telling him to quit his position in Fresno and that they will help to get him a job somewhere close by. Here’s the thing, if they are so enthusiastic to get my dad a job around LA, my dad wouldn’t be sitting around doing nothing for SIX FUCKING MONTHS!!!! And now he’s making money (even just a little), they want him out of it?!

Puh-lease… These pretenses are so obvious and it seriously wants me to go yell at them for all I care! If they wanted to help, I hope they actually do it and not just use words.

Ugh! so frustrating!


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