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So i just came from a ‘friendly’ date with Loren for the first time.

He texted me earlier and apparently, he’s free and wanted to hang out. We’ve been planning to see each other for a while now but since there’s a lot of unwanted circumstances, we didn’t get the chance to meet. But today, we were able to eat Korean BBQ and watch Karate Kid.

Actually, i’ve been talking to Loren around same time Mr. Wednesday and I started texting. We don’t say mushy stuff what not. Most of the conversation are about our daily life. He never said he liked me so i’m just treating everything as a friendly gesture.

But eversince Mr. Wednesday’s proposal last night, I feel like i’m doing something wrong… I know we’re not even official yet but since what Loren and I did today was sort of a date, it bothers me…

What more is the fact that the two actually know each other… Wow, for real??? And stupid me can’t even shut my mouth, i accidentally slipped that Mr. Wednesday and I went to watch Eclipse just a few days ago… Really? Really Lexie??? You could’ve said that without being detailed!!! Ugh! I saw Loren’s face twist.. Like he’s trying to patch things together…

Omigod… And although I don’t give him anything to show that i like him back, what i did today seemed really bad… Ugh..!

Mr. Wednesday’s on a trip to San Jose right now and we won’t be seeing each other til next. Seriously, i need to say no next time anybody asks me for a date because somehow, even if i don’t intend to lead a guy on, it might damage my relationship with Mr. Wednesday.

This will be the last I think. And i guess I won’t be having a date with Josh afterall… Huhu :c

Loren actually looks fine :3 he looks better than Mr. Wednesday if i may say so myself.. I was taken aback… Wah!


2 Responses to “Cheating”

  1. Wow. So, let me ask you this? Who do you see yourself with? And most comfortable with? Do you see yourself with Loren or this Mr. Wednesday guy? I think looks is nothing, we get old and dwindle away. You have to look at a persons heart, everything comes from a persons heart. Great blog btw. Just a passer by.

    • Well, i can see myself being with Mr. Wednesday more than Loren. I guess I was just taken aback on how Loren and I kicked it off quite well. But maybe as friends… Like a big brother. I never felt anything special with him than when i was with Mr. Wednesday. HAHA.

      thanks for passing by. It was really unexpecetd :3

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