HAHA, dumb.

In Everyday, Life, Personal, Rant on August 8, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

So, Sarah Geronimo’s currently singing an Usher song wearing a weirdo costume. And I need to pee… And effing tumblr updates are too much. Gyah!

The only reason I’ve been very tolerant is the fact that I’m trying to reject all negativism in my life. And I won’t let anything so blatantly stupid ruin my happiness.

Compared to what I’m going through, YOU’RE ISSUE IS NOTHING. Please, I beg of you to stop provoking me coz my bitching would seriously cause an ugly scene. It’s quite enough that I try to ignore all snide comments but a person could only take as much. There’s a right kind of bitching and there’s also that kind considered dumb.


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