Ouran Koukou Host Club 82

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I admit… There was a point that I just want to drop this manga and move on with my life. I felt that some parts was completely unnecessary and dragging. There were some highlights, “awww” moments but not enough to give me a blow that would definitely send me off to the Wonderful World of Tralalalalala.

However, with this latest chapter, I am willing to go through all that again if only for this climax (half of it at least).

Oh my goodness gracious…!!!! It’s so like Ouran, full of craziness, stupidity, love and heart felt moments… I loved every bit of it. Towards the later part, I was utterly hypnotized… I love it… I love it to death… Tamaki and Haruhi are indeed perfect for each other ❤

Can’t wait for the most awaited conclusion!!! Hold on tight, minna!

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