Goodbye Artblock

In Life, Personal on August 31, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

Well, somehow, I guess I’m over my art slump… or at least partially over it.

Last night, I just finished a picture for Chris. I’ve been trying to finish it for more than a month but I just got around it last night. And well, I think I did pretty good with my painting considering that I haven’t painted for A WHOLE YEAR now. I’m not even kidding…

And also, now, I’m actually making a sketch. A decent one of Natsuki and Ryu. A couple pic based from one of my fashion sketches of my The Soul girls. I’ll be finishing it up in a bit. Nyah~

^ anyway, that was the painting i did last night. not really over the top awesome picture but oh well, it has meaning behind it so yeah… HAHA!!! I’m just so happy he loved it :3


One Response to “Goodbye Artblock”

  1. yan ang inlab! by the power of love, me drawing! hahaha!

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