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I just got home after an exhilirating experience at the Staple Center for the SM TOWN concert!


Renz, Kim and I attended a Koreanboo fans meeting mid day and stayed there for a few hours. There were a lot going on but the highlight of the fans meeting are the contests and the dance mob. Haha! A lot of awesome and talented people everywhere!!! It was such a fun experience that, WE BELONG.. Lol :3

Anyway, around 6pm, we proceeded to Staple Center. We found our seat and for an 80 dollar spot, it was pretty good! We were right there in the middle! Near the stairs and not that FAAAAAR from the stage. In fact, we can see them properly even without the help of our binoculars (that i still used coz I’m a dork).

Haha, the concert line up was juz to great! Everything went fast and accordingly! The place was packed and you can feel the energy of each person in the event. Haha! I love it! We were even dancing and singing and screaming! Haha!!!

Concert lasted only 4hrs. They cut a lot of songs! BoA didn’t even get the chance to perform Eat You Up or No. 1! Arg!!! Thats ao messed up…

Regardless, each of the artists gave us their all and I can’t say anything about that. They were so awesome!!! Aaahhhh! Even tho i can’t understand their language, this is still something i wouldn’t miss for the world! It was soooo worth it!!! Haha!!!

Anyway, i didnt really bring a camera :c but here’s a picture i took of the whole SM TOWN FAMILY using my camera fone. Yay!!!

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