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HAHA, I still can’t get over the SM TOWN concert that was held last Sept 4. And its pretty obvious how much I enjoyed it coz up until now, I haven’t regained my voice yet… It’s horrible… I can’t even sing! And I sing everyday! Damn it!

^ On our way to RAGE. We wanted to corrupt Kim so we’re taking her to a gay club. HAHA! But we’re not gay okay? It just so happens it’s 18 and over club plus the fact they play Korean music…

^ Renz and I in the beautiful Downtown LA! HAHA! And yes, I did wear a skirt and high heeled wedge for the concert coz I’m crazy like that! HAHA!

^ Kim and I hangin’ around the Convention Center for the Koreanboo fan meeting. Te-hee! It was crazy fun! We loved it especially the Mob Dance!

^ Regretfully, we really wasn’t able to take good shots of BoA’s performance coz we were such in our fangurling mode that we just went crazy. HAHA!!! So much for that! But the memories will always remain in my heart………

^ The artists were able to entertain the crowd soooo much! That was such an unforgettable experience to whoever came and cheered for them :3

^ Oh… aside from the concert, We’re also celebrating Kim’s birthday this month. So all of us went to Boiling Crab and filled ourselves with 3 lbs of pure shrimp galore! HAHA! and to end the night, we sang Kim a birthday song and ate the awesome and pretty chocolate cake. Nyah~

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