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If there’s anything, I seriously hate change. Especially if it’s as serious as this one… I absolutely hate changing journals >_< heck, if I have any choice regarding switching my easyjournal to wordpress, I would not have consider it at all. Only, effing easyjournal’s acting gay and site would usually be down limiting my post frenzy :c


So after more than 7 years, I had to say goodbye to my old blog and then transferred to lexie03.wordpress. I intended to stick with this one for a long time as well. WordPress happened to be such a wonderful place and what a user friendly website! Unfortunately, stuff came up. Someone learned about my journal and started acting psycho much to my displeasure. *sigh*


This time, I’m playing it extra safe. I used a gmail account for my e-mail address so they wouldn’t track my posts through yahoo updates and also, I set my original wordpress account into private. And as you can see, I am using an entirely different username. Well, somewhat. That’s my second online identity aside from eyes2blues. So I’m hoping against all odds that nobody unwelcome, would come across it. Regular visitors are encouraged tho.LOL!


Anyway, thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “Officially Official Blog”

  1. nabubuking ka ba ng todo todo lately at bigla kang nagpalit? O__Olll

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