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Omigosh Lexie-chan, stop checking your Tumblr every 2 seconds and start conceptualizing your novel!!!! You have barely 4 days to prepare for it! You have 50,000 words to write, mind you!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Panic mode! I know it’s been sudden but I really wanna do it and push myself to the limit! Awaken the Writer in me!!! Anyway, I was first a Writer before an Illustrator (at least I would like to think that).

Aja aja hwaiting!!!

– – –


Omigosh! After 7 years since I wrote “The Soul” I have only realized now that this guy’s whole name is TETSUNO WAZAKI!!! All these years, I have always called his last name WATSUKI!!!! I am so ashamed of myself!!!! Kill me now please? Omigosh… Reading the original script has seriously helped me open my eyes of all the things that need to be edited… Nyah~

Picture was an excerpt from this one shot comic strip I did a while back. Please click link!

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