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On September 10th, 2008 BoA was wearing a cast on her left arm when she appeared at the press conference to announce her entry into the American market. Although BoA entered the press conference with a bright expression as though it was nothing to be concerned about, in reality the condition of the arm inside the cast was more serious than people thought.

BoA debuted in the Korean music industry at the age of 13 and even challenged Japan the following year. She became the female singer to take the number 1 spot when one counts Korea’s representative female soloists. After BoA succeeded, there was a person who firmly anchored her so that she, having been thrown into the entertainment industry at a young age, would not be shaken.

BoA’s mother Sung Youngja-shi raised the three siblings of pianist Kwon Soonhwon-shi who is the oldest child, music video director Kwon Soonwook-shi who is the second child, and the Star of Asia BoA. No matter who looks at them, they are successful children who have nothing to envy others about. Sung Youngja-shi published “The Golden Rule” and revealed the success story of the three siblings and her child-raising methods.

Ms. Sung’s method of treating her children is to ‘Listen to what the children have to say.’ It is easy to say in words but difficult to translate into action. There are many instances of most parents ignoring their children’s words, saying “You’re young, what do you know.” There was a moment when Ms. Sung realized that listening to what children have to say is the best method.

“Worse outcomes resulted when I opposed to what my children did. I felt that most strongly during the ranch incident.”

When BoA was 5 years old Ms. Sung and her husband were operating a ranch in Namyang Province. It tugged at her heartstrings to leave young BoA at home so Ms. Sung willfully brought her along to the ranch, although BoA cried and adamantly refused to go.

BoA’s father had been holding a wooden post in order to put up a column at the ranch. Her father lost his grasp on the wooden post as he exchanged small talk with a guest who was visiting the ranch and BoA, who had been standing by the side watching, was hit on the forehead by the post and collapsed bleeding.

“I thought BoA had died. That’s when I very clearly realized. I have to listen to the things my children say. If BoA had died then I would have endured heartache my entire life. As I watched her thankfully survive I felt that I should allow my children to do as they wished.”

BoA, who fell as her blood streamed down, suffered an injury severe enough that even the white bone of her forehead was visible at the time. The couple, who had been unable to breathe because they thought that the precious daughter they had raised indulgently was dead, was able to let go of that great fear when they saw BoA, who had collapsed, suddenly bounce up and screech, “I’m going to die!” BoA was moved to a hospital and received 17 stitches on her forehead.

After the moment BoA experienced a serious injury when she was 5 years old there was one more instance. When she held her press conference for her entrance into the American industry in 2008, BoA had an accident and tripped on a staircase and entered the conference with a cast on her left arm.

Ms. Sung’s forehead showed frown lines when she recalled her daughter’s suffering as she said, “When her arm was injured then, the doctor was unable to properly anesthetize her so she had to endure the pain in that state and be anesthetized again. Others spoke dismissively of it, asking why she was doing that with an injury so minor, but to BoA it was a point-of-view where she passed by death.”

The faction that viewed BoA with negative gazes reacted to BoA’s injury by making comments like, “Way to overreact to something so minor.” BoA’s injury was not minor in degree and last year she had to venture into a major surgery to drive a metal pin into her arm once again.

When BoA appears on TV all I can see is the scar on the forehead she injured when she was little. In a mother’s eyes, only the things that others do not see are visible. Even when others see BoA’s impressive image and cheer, I can only think about the pain from the effort the child put forth.

Ms. Sung is no different from any other mother thinking of her daughter. When Ms. Sung recollected the times BoA had been injured her face was full of pain as though she was experiencing the ache herself. While BoA was hurting her mother was overcoming the pain of her heart breaking.

Kwon Soobin / Im Saeyoung

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She is just so admirable!!!! People just fail to see how great she is as a performer and as a person… There’s just nobody who can be at par with the challenges she’s been through. You’re forever be my No. 1!

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