Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

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I just saw the movie 2 hours ago and if I have to summarize it in just one word, I would have to say that it was BRILLIANT. First scene was already so awesome! The whole movie was so gripping that I didn’t even have time to look at Sidney and ask how he was doing or to even say any witty remarks to him. I was just so taken in by the movie!!! And I keep on jumping on my seat. GLORIOUS!


It was suspenseful as well! I’ve read the book roughly three years ago and admittedly, I forgot a couple of small details… But watching it was just beyond awesome! And I seriously want to watch it again!


Plus the fact that I watched it ALONE with my SIDNEY made it even more memorable! It was so crazy before any of it happened. I think he wanted to invite more people but the other already watched it and his brother wasn’t really a fan, then we opted to see another movie and yadda yadda. So after telling everybody about it, nobody was even available for tonight so we ended up watching it by ourselves! That would be our first time ALONE together!!! And I am so not complaining…


I’m glad that it wasn’t at all awkward. We had decent conversations and it was just great just to so the least. HAHA!!!


And so, I am off to write my novel but before that, imma leave you with this:



Oh my goodness, no words can explain how much I kyah’ed for these two…! You people should see! Ron and Hermione shipping forever and ever!

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