Regarding my journey as an Artist

In Life, Personal on December 5, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

“Too much humility is pride.”


That’s what my best friend (Krys Adalla Adison Cantillo) and I used to say when we see such an awesome person playing such a humble part that rather come out as hypocritical and a total opposite of his own words/actions.


But I am not going to talk about that regarding my own progress as an artist. In fact, I am gonna flaunt about how I am improving myself lately. I don’t know, but lately, there has been changes in the way I draw my characters. Details started to create itself making my picture even more appealing (I would hope to think so at least). It may be just the way I draw the hair or possibly the way I design my character’s clothes but whatever it is, I have been really, REALLY satisfied.


However, let me be clear that it is in no way comparable to all those great artist out there that I have come to know. Yet, if I have to compare it to my own creation, before and now, you could definitely see the significant changes I have made.


It makes my heart swell with happiness that I don’t know what to do. HAHA! Hoping to get a working scanner as soon as possible! so many drawings, but no way of sharing… *fume*


Well, soon enough.. :3

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