Bus ride

In Life, Rant on December 15, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged:

So, i am commuting today. It takes almost 30 minutes for me to walk to the bus station so I was really rushing. I was too cool that i was dilly-dallying at home, singing ‘When Will my Life Begin’ from Tangled.

And as a result? I missed my bus ride by one minute.. ONE MINUTE I say!!!!

I was stuck at the other side of the road coz it wasn’t time for me to cross yet so I gazed at my bus sped away, leaving me behind…

Now I have to suffer 30 agonizing minutes juz waiting for the next ride!!! Really? Really?! This is happening to me now???


I am not amused.

2 Responses to “Bus ride”

  1. Don’t you just hate seeing your bus leave you behind? Hahaha! Happened to me quite a few times before! Papunta ka ba work?

    • haynako! first time to nangyari sakin at ang sakit pala sa puso ang maiwan… sa iilang segundo, ang kapalit eh kalahating oras ng paghihintay! anak talagah ng tinapa!!!

      HAHA! at oo, papunta akong work nunjg mga panahong yun… ayos alng, di ako late :3

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