Christmas Presents

In Fun, Life on December 22, 2010 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

And I am finally done with my Christmas shopping! Unless I’m forgetting someone but whatever… for now, I AM DONE!

Anyway, I started wrapping all my gifts and as expected, the outcome was HIDEOUS!!! Nothing out of it was pleasing in the eyes.. Even my hand writing was fugly *A*

I’m so sorry with my future husband.. I am so NOT domisticated… I don’t know how to cook, sew, clean properly or even wrap gifts… I can’t do simple chores perfectly…

But at least there’s something I am proud of… That is that I will love you forever and ever with all of my heart… AND I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING.


‘Heaven help him find his way to me…’

2 Responses to “Christmas Presents”

  1. lahat naman nadadaan sa practice!
    pag hindi ka natalsikan ng mantika, hindi ka matututo!

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