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Last Christmas, I gave Sidney my gift to which he was completely shocked. Not that it’s a big thing but he was definitely not expecting it. I even saw him carrying it everywhere and also asked me for a permission if he could open it when he could’ve done it right away. DORK.


And well, I wouldn’t say guilty but he wanted to make it up for me since he didn’t get me anything that day. Not that I require him to… And so, he asked me if I wanted to hang out the next day, the 26th. I told him I’m free so I would love to hang out with him, too.


Yesterday, I made sure to look pretty *cough*. I wore make-up and dressed up decently. Not too much but decent enoug. Like always, he came up to the front door and ringed the bell, always like a gentleman. Tito noticed that both of us were wearing the same gray jacket/cardigan. HAHA! As we were walking, he was telling me something about JB and Sean but I was so preoccupied and excited that it didn’t register in my mind what he said. I walked behind him and went to the passenger’s seat, where I was supposedly be sitting, and only to vaguely realized that Sean was actually in front.




And all this time, I was thinking he had finally asked me for a date and he brought his brother with him? Unless he brings his brother to dates everywhere then I wouldn’t be bothered but IT WASN’T A DATE TO BEGIN WITH. I was way ahead of myself, and I am ashamed. Well, I, of course, was smart enough to not let them know I’m disappointed. Anyway, that lasted for a few seconds so meh. I am grateful enough that we get to spend more time again, you know?


We talked a lot. Mostly about anime while listening to anime music. We toured Little Tokyo and talked and talked and talked!!!! I was really comfortable with them… And I bought figurines for Duane and Josh, too. Bought some Imagawayaki and ate dinner. Generally, it was a nice bonding time. And I am really grateful for the opportunity.


When we were finished for the day, Sidney told me we should hang out again this week. I told him I’m down.




That was such a friendly gesture. And from now on, instead of setting my “kilig meter” into multiple folds of this useless and groundless emotion, I’ll just appreciate every opportunity I get to spend with him and his family instead. I really do enjoy their company :3


I’m not sure if this is what you consider “giving up” or “letting go” but I don’t feel too negative about it. I think if I were to explain it, what I’m feeling should be called “ACCEPTANCE“.


I enjoyed it while it lasted :3

One Response to “Certainty”

  1. Wait.. what?? Acceptance? Parang.. ibang dating nun ah.

    Pero oo nga.. dapat ang golden rule natin is..


    Ui bongga! Lumalabas ang pagkatalinghaga ko! *cough* emo *cough*

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