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Omigod!!! I kept on obsessing with the Butter|Sweet manga!!! I can’t help myself! It was more than I have imagined, it was majorly awesome!!!

‘W/O Noticed’ made me all fluffy inside! The second issue was able to display immense shoujo moments that I can’t stop myself from squealing like a real fan girling otaku at every page!!! Everybody who loves shoujo is sure to be captured by this manga’s charm… And gawd!!! Ethan and Dale’s sexy scenes are to behold!!!! And we see more Al and Adi action! I’m happy!!!

‘Book Club’ debuted this second issue and I gotta say that Lanie blew me away!!! She was so talented!!! I can’t believe why she’s not as recognized as she deserved to be!!! Oh gawd… Her lineart was so clean and crisp! The details was just so amazing! This girl definitely knows how to put moods on her characters through their expressions and background. Hands down Lanie! You are my new idol!

And of course ‘The Soul’ that I contributed this issue… I can’t even begin to explain my feelings to see my work published.. It may have been a 10-page one shot. It may not be as outstanding as everybody else’s work but boy, I won’t deny how proud I was to have made it possible!!!! 10 pages of pure awesomness!!! I didn’t expect that manga making was as hard as that, but i am willing to grow!!! That was my first time trying out toning. Next time, I’ll improve even better! You just wait and see!!!

Goodness… Reading it made me so inspired! It was so inspiring!!!! Kudos to everyone! It was one hell of a stressful event making it but after seeing the final output, I just couldn’t contain myself and crave for more!!! Ahhh!!! I want mooooooarrr!!!


6 Responses to “Butter|Sweet”

  1. oh you got it na! 8D.
    happy for youuuu~~~♫
    kamusta naman ang quality ng pages?
    :’D. :’D. :’D.

    • Yesssshhhh ate! grabeh! wala akong ma-say!!! buong gabi ko pinaulit ulit basahin yung manga!!! HAHA!!! Hindi mo ako wi-narn na punung puno ng cheesiness yung WON! Jusko po! tili ako ng tili!!! I want more!!!! Wah!!!!

  2. hehe sinakto yta yung dating para sa bday mo ^^

    wala bang detailed review sa quality ng pages at packaging ng buong manga??? wahaha wala lang for future quality sana ng mga susunod na issue ^__^v

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