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Father called to greet me a happy birthday. It was cool. We talked about a lot of stuff and kinda planned for my sister’s visit here in the US. Of course, he didn’t fail to remind me that in 25 years (he failed to remember how old I truly am this year), I still haven’t achieved anything in my life.


I was already expecting him to mention that but I was kinda hoping he would at least be sensitive enough not to implicate it. Lol. But I’m not mad. I have no plans of ruining the mood of my special day.. Haha!!!

Oh well, hopefully i get to expound more on my birthday events. It seemed like I’ve been celebrating it the whole month! Seriously! Lol!

2 Responses to “24”

  1. Happy Birthday. You have already accomplished something you have created this blog. It may be minor, but it is still an accomplishment.

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