Thoughts about Love

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I am telling you, if you are by yourself with no one to talk to, you think of all these crazy stuff. I was by myself at work and I couldn’t stop having these weird ideas.


It’s easier to move on in a one-sided love when you know that the other already has somebody he cherishes. I can’t help but to agree to this notion. It doesn’t mean that the feeling would disappear altogether. But at least you are pre-warned that whatever you are feeling for that other person will not lead you anywhere. Meaning, no expectations. You could probably hope for something to spark between you two or a miracle that will dawn the the both of you someday. That is up to you if you want to aim at that. But it erases expectations in your heart, the major downfall of anyone in a groundless relationship. Because expectation is such a powerful feeling that masks reality…


You could either be the reason for me to leave, or a reason for me to stay. It’s like a Double Edge Sword. It’s amazing how one person can be both your life and death. I admit I haven’t had that intense feeling for anybody aside from a silly puppy love with *cough Jessy cough*, but I also believe in this. And I hate to think that I am actually feeling this way for this certain person. For whatever reason, he is my “sign”. Oh well, towel.


I don’t know the feeling of being in love. It’s sad, huh? I haven’t experienced completely surrendering myself to anyone ever before. I have never cried over someone because of an intense heart ache (let’s exclude the existence of Jessy here coz he is just part of my childhood. During that time, I was only in love with LOVE. And unfortunately, Jessy supposedly embodied that love notion.). Sometimes I wonder how it is to feel jealous, angered, humiliated… to be vulnerable, to love and be loved… It’s so foreign… It’s like I am missing one important phase in dealing with people of the opposite sex. I have been infatuated many times but it’s so shallow I want to laugh.


HAHA, someday maybe…


I have so many thoughts lingering in my mind and because I am so lazy enough not to note most of them, it is lost forever… HAHA!!! I like writing on my blog. Because when I re-read it back after a couple of years has passed, it’ll tell me my different views of life at a certain age. It’s really interesting and amusing.


You don’t know how hard it is to be such a hopeless romantic… Thoughts like these occupy your mind. HAHA! Oh well, Just felt like sharing it. An entry I will sure to read back with a smile across my face :3


But enough ramblings already, good night *3*

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