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And before I realized what was happening, I have become an instant fan of SNSD… Despite the fact I can’t even pronounce the group’s Korean name and the pathetic fact that I can’t even name all of them (except for Soo Young and Sunny, thanks to their aegyo’s), I’ve been unconsciously enjoying their music.


They are catchy! And they can dance and sing at the same time! And I have to admit, they are cute. HAHA!!! Looking at them makes me pity myself sometimes but the fuck, I don’t care… They are adorable!










To me, Yuri and Yoona are the prettiest… B-B-But… When I look at the girls without the name captions, I can’t even tell the both of them apart!!! How sad is that… AHHH!


I’ll make it a point to remember all their names… Let’s see how good I am…

6 Responses to “SNSD”

  1. What?? I knew it! Magsama kayo ni Monica!

    Hahaha.. Pro in all fairness to them, I commend them for their dancing skills. And I actually like Yuri. Lolz

    At hindi nila ako fan, pero I know all their names and can definitely tell them apart. Hahaha!

  2. crud lex! pic spam ng SNSD?!?!?! LOOOOOL
    yes~~ very catchy sila lalo na sa Run devil run, Seoul song, genie at Gee! dun nila ako nauto! pero i’m not hardcore fan naman! XD. pero… sooyooooouung!!!
    (sya lang yung gusto ko jan, balita ko rin former dancer sya ni BOA) X333.♥

    • Aba! Hindi ko yata alam na back up siya ni BoA???!!!?!? Pewo parang naging close nga sila nung nasa japan sila pareho… HAHA! Cute silang lahat! HAHA! Sana akin nalang legs nila! LOL! Nagulat kayo dito sa spam ko… HAHA! Ako din nagulat!

      • haha i heard it from a random kpop/snsd fan. XD.
        uso sa korea retoke e. no wonder. haha
        ah yes. those legs. are. loved. lolol joke

      • I want skinny legs like that…………. Pewo mga minor lang naman ang pinapa-retoke nila, like eyelids? But I’m sure they are pretty naman before pa nun… LOL, usung usp ang mga K-pop churvaness!!! Magaganda kasi hindi katulad ng mga hapon na baku-bako ngipin… Haller, Major Major turn off!

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