Your signs are confusing me…

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Not too long ago, I have written a emo-ish journal entry regarding Sidney. It was the day I have accepted the fact that Sidney and I can never be more than anything but mere friends.

It wasn’t as hard disregarding him from my thoughts. I dare say it was fairly easy. There has been some emotional investments but not as much for me to go moping in the corner when I realized he didn’t like me in anyway I have hoped for. In fact, The first time I saw him after our Little Tokyo trip (December 26, after the Christmas party of the jaime’s), I didn’t even look nor talked to him. I pretended to be oblivious. That went on for a couple of hours until he called me himself and started a conversation. See, he came to me first >:D

Anyway, we don’t even text as much like before. When I text him, it was just some random talk. And then, the other day, he asked me what I was doing for the weekend. Since I was working on a Sat, we didn’t really get to plan for anything. And then he invited me again to watch the Ducks or Clippers game. He even said that he would try to get me a ticket. Also invited me for a baseball game this spring with everybody (yes, that far ahead).

I really don’t know. I agreed to it since I wanted to go. Comeone! Basketball game!

And then yesterday, he randomly texted me this, “Hope you had a good day at work :)”

That was a text around 1:34am, January 23. Last time we talked prior to that was January 21. Although I did tell him I work on a Saturday, what was he doing texting me that message so late at night? I mean, he could’ve texted me earlier like he always does. I know I am definitely jumping to conclusion but the only reasonable reason I can think of why he did that was because he was thinking of me.

And now is your cue to laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was just so weird. It was just like when I texted him “Goodnight Sidney” from a while back. HAHA!!! That was a dead giveaway!

And then earlier today, he asked me if I work on a Monday. He invited me to watch Summer Wars in LA. That was the movie I was supposed to watch with him last week. However, I ended up flaking on him coz I was with my X-men friends….

I wanted to see that anime movie so I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Anyway, I need to give him the comics. HAHA! So I guess I’ll be seeing him tomorrow. I am more than positive that there would be other people going with us but it’s cool. It’s not like I am even allowed to expect anything different from him. HAHA! At least we get to hang out :3

So there.

My point is, why continually initiate these “meetings“. It’s true that he didn’t specify if we’re just going out as just “friends“… But it is also true that he did NOT say that we are NOT on a date, so I can think otherwise. You know what I mean? The boundary is so NOT clear, that it’s so confusing!

If it is true that his purpose to meet me was for sheer friendship, then why would he sometimes say or do things that are just so… soooo misleading..?

It’s a good thing I am cool handling this kind of situations, that even if I am over thinking these stuff, I know myself that I can brush it off nonchalantly. LOLOLOL. And I am very confident when I said that. I won’t get hurt.

Oh well, I just want to have this in writing. Would be interesting to read this again after some years had passed. It may prove to be something completely nonsense or a premonition of something worthwhile :3

Gosh, I can’t even understand what I just said here… Oh well, towel.

2 Responses to “Your signs are confusing me…”

  1. Omg! Natawa ako dto sa post mo!

    X-men friends. Hahaha! Pero remember, ang golden rule natin: never assume, never expect. Hahaha.. Pero sympre, walang masama sa mga Kilig moments. XD

    • OO. Napulot ko yung term sa friend ko sa pinas. Yung asawa ni Kuya Mer, creator ng “Cat’s Trail” and illustrator ng “One Day, Isang Diwa” ng Culture Crash. HAHA!!! Bagay sa kanila!

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