Summer Wars

In Anime, Fandom, Life, Personal on January 25, 2011 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

I won’t call it a date, date.. But I went out to watch a movie with Sidney and it’s just the two of us! We saw Summer Wars. An animated movie directed by the same director of ‘A Girl That Leapt Through Time’.

I just got home and I need sleep so details to follow! I have to note this! LOLOLOL!

6 Responses to “Summer Wars”

  1. hu-hmmmmm~~ :”>. ~~~♫
    hurr hurr~~ >X’D.


    thats a good movie! sikat sa pixiv yan e! :”D.

  2. h-hindi mo pa napanood leapt thru time???? D8
    waaaaaaaaaaatch eeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!! its magondooooo!!! D:

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