Indirect Kiss

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I forgot to mention, i had my first indirect kiss with Sidney. Hahaha!!! At the 18 and younger party during Tita Amy’s party, Aissa, Brian, Amber and the others were dancing when Sidney came drinking his beer. He came up to us and then he offered me his beer. I got the bottle and he was like, ‘You drink beer?’ and I was like ‘Meeeeh’ and had a sip.


Im not even sure if he was even serious about sharing his drink with me but I just went on ahead and did it.


And of course, instead of the usual sharing of ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’, my version would just have to include alcohol in it.. Haha!

That’s how you do it! Hahahahaha!!!

4 Responses to “Indirect Kiss”

  1. HAHAHA natawa na lang ako. hahahaha!

  2. Omo.. HAHA!Kailangan talaga may ganun?

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