I Have a Lover

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And due my quest to find more of Taeyeon’s live singing, I came across the sweetest song yet… It’s entitled “I Have a Lover” by Lee Eun Mi. It’s so wonderful that a lot of artists have already performed this same song. To name a few, there’s Junsu of 2PM, Jo Kwon of 2AM, Younha and Taeyeon of course… AHHHH…

Here’s the original version:

And now, Taeyeon’s live version from Live FM Radio Chin Chin:

Taengoo is just too awesome! She definitely has the rightful place as the leader of SNSD! Wow!!! And this is an on the spot singing, too! WOOOOOOOOOOOW! And she was hungry… LOL.


But I just have to add the Younha clip because she just fucking nailed it!!! WOWOWOW!!! I have always liked Younha! And this just goes to say that she is one of the best singers in Korea. Daaaaaaaaaayum! She deserves more credit! I’m sure when she is prettier (I said “prettIER okay? In a comparative form.), people won’t have a hard time siding with her version than with Taeyeon. Just saying..


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