Rationalization and some Fangurling

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I did not lie to you. I just simply didn’t answer your questions to save my breath (and pride), of explaining things again and again and again. There is a difference.


– – –


On a lighter note, I just watched Secret Garden special episode and awww… This series is just so dear to me… I love all of it!!! The characters are just so adorable and fun! Wah!!! And I couldn’t agree more on the Top Ten Best Scenes in the series… The Number one pick is truly deserving! Nyahahaha!


Also, I watched this DBSKBolero” Performance



And there was a comment that I just to agree with:

Leeya28: “And so far, none of the groups i listen to have a rapper that can sing as good as yunho nor a cute member that comes with a strong voice like junsu nor a beautiful member that can beautify a song with his voice like jaejoong nor a member with killer smile and great falsetto like yoochun and nor a maknae that can scream on top of his lung making it looks easy like changmin. they are simply the best idol group. no, they sit a level higher than that. true artist!”

2 Responses to “Rationalization and some Fangurling”

  1. *nods in total agreement*

  2. and i agree too

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