Looking at it in a different angle

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A few days ago, I got a random Text message from Sidney, asking me if I wanted to go to the zoo or the aquarium. I literally gaped at the message for two seconds and started thinking about Pandas and Kurage at the same time (sorry Sid! But I love them!) and then back again to his message.


Again, another unexpected invite… It’s been pretty often… Like invites for movies, NBA games, Baseball games, dinner, shows, parties and now this.


Confusing as it is, I texted Kim and ranted about it… I needed to let it out or else, my nerves would freeze from smiling like an idiot. The next day, I told Rachel about it, too. I mean, The zoo and the aquarium are the usual “dating places” right? I’ve read about it in sooo many manga already (eg. Fruits Basket, Kuragehime).


I mean, although I was anxious, and excited and confused, nothing’s for sure yet. He didn’t specify if it’s a date, too. And knowing him, he would probably invite me and start inviting other people in the next few days for the same event.


(flash report: And Sidney just texted me right now!!!! 12:40am! Randomly! About Kimi ni Todoke! It happened while I was thinking of him! WTF!!!!)


That’s mainly why I can’t be sure about his feelings for me and as much as possible, I wouldn’t like to assume. That would only hurt me. But anyway, yeah… As I was telling everything to Rachel, she came up with a certain conclusion she stated above and I was shocked as to how accurate she was…




I may feel like he’s throwing me off but it’s the same case for me! Admittedly, I do treat him as just a “regular friend“. I talk to him only casually, afraid that I will ward him away if I show more “feelings” whenever I meet him. In a way, I am protecting myself. I’m such a hypocrite. But with my insecurities, I couldn’t help but to act this way.


Now I wonder that maybe after everything, I may have been the only one oblivious about his real intentions…


HAHA!!!! WTH right? Oh well, towel. I’m done with my ramblings…

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