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Admittedly, I’ve been into Korean music recently, thanks to Kim.

But today, instead of working on the last pages of my manga and/or coloring an old lineart, I found myself sited in front of the computer, reading manga (Dengeki Daisy) and downloading songs from Gendou…

Kyah! It’s been a while since I tried to discover new Japanese songs through listening to anime songs…


And then, I happened to come across this Japanese Visual Kei Rock band. They are different from the usual male Japanese singers who sounded gay (no offense) with squeaky voice (again, no offense). This band is what real ROCK BANDS should be! Among the few songs I have downloaded, I happen to love all of them… Like seriously, it’s beyond awesome! It’s like UVERworld all over again for me!!!!

And well, would you believe that the name of this band happens to be SID?


Seriously now, what’s up with all these coincidences??? It’s creeping me out!

Anyway, here are the line up of the songs I am currently playing from their albums/singles:

1. Ranbu no Melody

2. Rain

3. Monochrome no Kiss

4. Uso

Seriously, I recommend!!!! And seriously, I am seriously overusing this word… Seriously!

3 Responses to “J-Rock”

  1. OMG I like SID too! I love their song USO specifically. Haha!

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