Free From Guilt

In Life, Personal on February 28, 2011 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

I came home a couple of minutes ago, courtesy of White Boy. I’m grateful that he’s going out of his way to always take me home but at the same time, I feel like I’ll be punished for using him as my free ride.

He obviously likes me. I’m not that dense not to feel that. For whatever reason, I seriously don’t know. But the only reason I even ride with him at all is simply to ‘get a ride with him’.


And then this conversation happened.

I’m actually pretty glad I was able to open up the topic with him. At least it wouldn’t seem like I was leading him on. I know rumors will still go on about us but those are stuff I can put astride so whatever. At least now, my conscience is free!!!

I would appreciate it tho if he will still
Be nice to me and just remain friends. Oh well, towel :3

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