Illegal Advertising

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Okay, I think I won’t be able to get over this for a while but…!!!!!

One of my fanarts was used without my knowledge, to advertise a cosplay accessory!!!!

So okay… I was talking to Sidney and we were talking about cosplay and stuff. He was encouraging me to cosplay as well. So like a sick puppy in-like (LOL, invented term), I started browsing for possible costumes I might use. I did see a lot of Gothic Lolita costumes that seriously piqued my interest! It’s cheap too so I was taking it into consideration.

But it’s for an Anime Expo so if I can, I would still like to dress up as an anime character. So I was browsing stuff and lo and behold, I saw:

I was in total shock! Heck, I’m not even expecting something like that to pop out on the screen! I had to blink before I believe what I was seeing. I know they were using it to advertise their product, but beyond being annoyed, I was genuinely flattered that I was actually smiling from ear to ear. I still can’t believe it up until now.

I mean, It doesn’t even look official… I mean come on… Here’s the original (bigger) picture:

HAHAHA!!!! As I’ve said, it’ll take a while before I get over this one piece of a discovery… What a good surprise… HAHA!!! I know it’s not much but still! I don’t get this kind of “recognition” oftentimes. I mean, before anybody can even consider using an image, they should first like it, right? HAHA!!! See! I can’t get over it! HAHA!

Oh well, towel… I just have to document this. HAHA!!!

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