Kimi ni Todoke S2-8

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After seeing episode 6 of Kimi ni Todoke, I keep on comparing all the succeeding episodes to that one. The quality and production of episode 6 was beyond any of my expectations! Although Episode 7 and episode 8 are both great, the artistic quality was a little bit downgraded than the previous one. (not by much but you can see the changes.).


Especially for episode 8, Everybody looked so skinny!!! Like their face was slimmer and I just don’t know anymore… Good thing at the later part of the episode, the animation quality improved a few notch and OMIGOD! *faints*


But that’s just about the complaints I could come up with. Heck, it’s not even that relevant if you know what I mean. Nobody would even notice it. I’m just very OC about it that’s all… I won’t be too anal about it so I’ll shut up right now.





Moving on, this week’s episode is the prologue to a better and brighter future between the characters!!!! It’s been so loooong since we see flowers and bubbles and sparkles in this series… The difficult part has passed! We should rejoice!


The narration of the scenes in episode 8  was amazing as well! I have to emphasize on that. Eclipse’s sub was almost as accurate as Mango scans. It was as I imagined it to be!!! WOW! Straight from the manga! I love it to death!!!! I like the fact that they also added bits to the anime. And how they played Soufuu while showing class 2-D’s preparation for the School Festival that wasn’t really emphasized in the manga…


And the added RyuxChizu moment was so kyah worthy that I kyah’ed a lot!!!! Kyah! Kyah! OMIGOD!!!! Ryu’s charm skyrocketed after that one scene!!! Oh my goodness gracious!!!! They are perfect for each other!


The seiyuu was also so amazing with their portrayal… Oh gawd, I can feel the emotion from each and every word they say and OMIGOD!!!! As Sawako finally find her resolve to confront her feelings and be “selfish“, we were also presented with a wonderful background music… Oh gawd, My heart was gonna explode from all the happiness!!!! And I didn’t expect we’ll get to the fluffiest part this soon! I thought it’ll be at least in episode 10 but kyah!!!!


I don’t know how else to praise this anime/manga because it is already the epitome of a GREATNESS! Oh gawd… It will seriously touch your heart and I don’t know anymore…


I’ll be looking forward to the next episode!!! Each day would surely be as slow as fuck til its that time again… But it’s okay!!! The wait is all worth it!


And so, I will leave you with this:



Until the most anticipated episode 10!!!!!


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