Yuu Takahashi

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Yuu Takahashi is my original character from “The Soul”. Secondary character I made to “prolong” the story. When I was making the new characters names, I seriously don’t know where to begin so what I did, I used the names of my favorite mangaka to name my characters. Natsuki Hanemi‘s name was from Natsuki Takaya of Fruits Basket. Aya‘s name is well, I like the name Aya… And then Yuu Takahashi is combination of Yuu Watase‘s name and Rumiko Takahashi‘s name (I don’t really like Takahashi-san all too much tho. Good story but ending almost ALWAYS SUCKS.). Nothing really significant.  Nothing really personal.


And then I found out today that Yu Takahashi (Yes, only single “u” but I prefer the other spelling) is actually an “actual” person in Japan! And there’s actually two people who’s apparently popular in Japan!


He sang songs from anime. But I’m not really too keen about him. Yu Takahashi (高橋 優 Takahashi Yū?, born December 26, 1983) is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He debuted as a major label artist in 2010, with his singles “Subarashiki Nichijō” and “Honto no Kimochi“.


And the other Yu Takahashi is this gurl:







LOL, and I ended up spamming you with her pictures. HAHA! Can’t help it, she’s really pretty… And not a lot of Japanese peeps are pretty, with nice teeth and can actually project (except for cosplayers). LOL… No offense tho…


Yu Takahashi is a model and actress from Japan. Born 19 Jan 1991 in Shiga Prefecture, she was a model before joining the cast as Aso Yuri in the 2008 TV series Kamen Rider Kiva. (credit: After seeing her pictures tho, I thought she was more of a porn model of some sort… LOL. Still, very pretty so whatevs. At least she’s not totally naked in her pics.


Still, I’m not too eager to see her series. Something’s telling me I’ll just get disappointed. HAHA! Oh well, towel.


Gosh, I’m rambling again… Oh well..


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