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A sheltered chameleon, living as an ordinary family pet, faces a major identity crisis. After all, how high can you aim when your whole purpose in life is to blend in? When Rango accidentally winds up in the gritty, gun-slinging town of Dirt — a lawless outpost populated by the desert’s most wily and whimsical creatures — the less-than-courageous lizard suddenly finds he stands out. Welcomed as the last hope the town has been waiting for, new Sheriff Rango is forced to play his new role to the hilt — until, in a blaze of action-packed situations and encounters with outrageous characters, Rango starts to become the hero he once only pretended to be.

And so, I just came back after watching Rango with Sidney.

OMG. This week has been very agonizing for me. So well, at first, I asked Sidney if he wanted to hang out and eat sushi with me. He said he’s down for it. So I set up the date on a Friday (March 4,2011). It’s an all you can eat sushi place around Cerritos but thing is, I don’t even know the name of the place so I couldn’t check details about the restaurant… Grrr… So I can’t really update him on what’s up.

And to add, Brian also invited me to go clubbing that same night. I really didn’t want to go but at the same time, couldn’t really tell him the reason until early this day. Iuno… All of a sudden, I got self conscious. And I don’t really want to tell everybody about what’s up with me and Sidney. I can at least have that private right? (Except on here! HAHA! Sorry ‘dalla! i just have to document everything!)

But it wasn’t because of that, that I got so stressed. It was because I thought Sidney was ignoring me!

It started when I posted a status on FB: “And it’s official… I love SID!“. Although I was sincere about loving the band, iuno… It felt like right after that stat, our text messages exchange got a little dull… Like sometimes, he wouldn’t reply or would reply really, really lateeee. And that he didn’t really ask anything about our gimick until a few days before and stuff.

I got really worried. And when he asked me if I invited the others, I told him that he’s the only one I invited and explained how the other had a different plan that day and that he can invite Sean and JB if he wanted to. He didn’t get back to me until much later. I deliberately didn’t invite the others because I only want it to be us (no use denying it) but doing so, I thought we’re gonna have a problem… *panic* I still don’t have the confidence to say that Sidney really WANTS to hang out with just the two of us. He always invite everybody, that’s why…

But Friday came. Although there wasn’t much of a planning and a lot of anxiety attacks, I think the night went on pretty okay. As usual, he was at the front door, waiting for me like a gentleman around 9-ish. He wore a pretty comfortable clothes and I actually thought he was cute. HAHA!

Seeing his face, I really didn’t feel any awkward vibe from him and OMG! I was panicking for nothing! He was his usual self. He asked me about work and what I have been up to. And talked about anime. His work, cosplay, his out of town trips and hookah. (because at the time, BLARM went to a hookah bar instead of going clubbing)

Oh hookah!

When we were on the topic, he suddenly blurted out that his EX-GIRLFRIEND used to do hookah when he was studying in San Francisco (apparently, he was originally from LA)! I was kinda shocked that he actually mentioned something about his past relationship! It was a first! And I was so stunned that I wasn’t able to ask him anything else regarding HER! The NEMESIS! LOLOLOLOLOL!

And here I am, thinking of a lot of questions to “fish“, when we’re already apart. WTH right?!?!?!!??!! I hate that when it happens! Like thinking of the perfect comeback hours after the heated argument! Frustrating!

Moving on, we arrived at the place just before the 9:50pm showing but the tickets was sold out that we had to see the next show. So we decided to go walk around and Sidney got himself some smoothie. And then we talked and talked and talked! HAHA!!! Seriously, even if I am alone with him, out conversation just flows. And I love it best when I’m with him. I guess we’re really comfortable with each other at this point.

Regarding the movie, it was amazing! I love it! The visuals was so brilliant! The details was superb! The story telling was top notch and the animation itself was wonderful! The characters were lovable and pretty well made. Oh gawd, I didn’t expect it to be that great!!! I’m glad we saw that movie!!! Both of us really liked it :3

It was pretty late so we decided to just head home (even if I’m hungry. Oh well, nothing’s open that time anyway). He was asking me about my plans for the weekend, but I think we’re going to a birthday party this Saturday (he asked me twice about my plans for Saturday, mind you) and I work Sunday >:c

He was like, “We should hang out soon. If not this weekend, maybe when we get back from Boston. And I’ll get you something from our trip.”

Kyah!!! Kyah!!! I don’t care if his sole intention was to be the “gentleman” but whatever! That made me so soooo happy! For him to be even thinking of getting me something from Boston! HAHA! Okay, I am ecstatic!!!

But yeah, to sum it up, tonight wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Actually, it wasn’t horrible at all — at any point! I enjoyed everybit of it and everything was as it was before!

Yay! Until next time, Sidney!





I don’t know why but for some reason, I have always thought Boston was part of England. WTH! I just had to look dumb in front of Sidney while asking about it. THE FUCK! Oh well… I am a flawed human being. HAHA! Using it as an excuse…

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