In the hopes of getting inspired…

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^ From my birthday dinner at Tangier :3


Oh no… I didnt??!!!?!?!??!


LOLOLOL. Sorry, I can’t help not posting it… I am in the middle of finishing up my one shot manga but it got so annoying that I am taking a break right now. Arg! I hate it… I always have the ugliest story ender! Grr!!! And I can’t draw what I wanted to draw! The hell’s up with that! If its an Artblock, ohhhh it is gonna be a major ARTBLOCK! I know I shouldn’t be pushing myself but kyah! I wanted to finish it already!!!




Maybe I should do something else instead. Like continue writing my novel or read my new book I got from Kathleen. Or maybe I should just head to bed since I have work tomorrow anyway… Arg, Whatever…


So yeah, to keep my mind off of my frustration, I decided to post this picture. Sorry Sean (Sidney’s brother), I cropped you off the picture!!!! HAHA! Well, another reason why I posted this is to show you just how much taller Sidney than me. He’s like a six footer man. I am a midget compared to him! HAHA!!!


Oh well, towel.

2 Responses to “In the hopes of getting inspired…”

  1. I feel bad for that Sean person who was cropped off. haha!
    And I really see the height difference. XD

    • Wow! for the first time, hindi mo yata ako inaway sa pag-post ko ng picture namin ni Sidney ko! HAHA! LOL, jk!

      Wala kaming mtinong picture together… FAILURE IN LIFE!

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