Photoshop CS2

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Well, after a year, I finally got my Photoshop back! Oh yeah! It’s so back and I don’t know what to do with it! I’m like, frozen with excitement!!!!


Thanks to my good friend Kathleen, for finding it out for me!!! She can get me CS4 but CS2 is just as good for me! I mean, Photoshop is Photoshop afterall :3 Nyahahaha! I am more than ecstatic!!! I wanna use it right away but more important stuff should be prioritized so I need to organize my time…


I am currently re-drawing the final output for this one “side story” I wrote a while back. It’s only 6 pages so hopefully I get to finish it… Maybe I’ll entitle it “Love and Friendship“. HAHA! Well, I am testing my capability to draw faster in a keener manner. Obviously, I failed miserably…




It seemed like using A4 paper, for the first time, for my manga pages totally threw me off!!! It felt…. weird. Like smaller for some reason… Arg! I just need to adjust, that’s all…


But after I’m done with this, I am hoping to start toning my “Valentine Story” one shot :3 That’s 23 pages of pure awesomeness!!! I freakin’ worked my butt off! And in the end, I am more than satisfied with it *smile* And I also need to make the final output for “Free Hugs” which exceeded 30 pages unexpectedly… And that doesn’t even include the title page and one slash page. HAHA! Yeah, I am seriously taking it seriously… LOLOLOL! I won’t bash this passion, tho. I love it!!!!


And soon enough, I’ll buy my  owntablet, too!!! This time, it is really for real… Since BORDERS unfortunately closed a lot of their stores. I can now use my points to buy a Best Buy gift card instead of using it for BORDERS. Oh yeah!!! I have enough points for more than $150.00 worth of Best Buy gift card. Fufufufufu…


But I am holding myself back from buying one, before I get too distracted. LOL! And come Anime Expo this July, I will fuckin’ start collecting Copic markers. I can’t wait! Artist mode! And nobody can stop me! HAHAHA!


But yeah, I am so happy!!! Only good things Lexie-chan! Aja Aja Hwaiting!



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