Kimi ni Todoke Live Action

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This post will contain review, and major spoiler for the movie. I have spammed a lot, too so cutting the content just in case. HAHA!!! Read at your own risk. As always, this is a result of my fangurling mode. I couldn’t stope so yeah, might as well release all these energy to something productive :3

It was six months ago when Kimi ni Todoke was released in Japan. everybody was buzzing over it and omigod, of course I was one of those crazy people who waited for so long til I get to watch this movie! And yes, last night was the last night of my agonizing wait to get to see it finally!

I have been a fan of this series since I saw the promotional picture feature on my Shoujo Beat mangazine. I never really intended to read it since I try to stray away from ongoing manga titles but everybody was telling me about it and I just gave in to temptation and omigod… It was the best mistake I’ve ever done in my entire life! I don’t even care if it’s an exaggeration anymore, I love it to death!

But thing is, this manga is like magic. A big leapt from the dying shoujo genre in this generation. Although I have always loved shoujo, I wouldn’t deny the fact that most of the stories nowadays are just full of cliche. Everything, you’ve seen already. But Kimi ni Todoke… Oh gawd, this is different! I can cite some other good shoujo manga (like Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Vampire Knight, Dengeki Daisy, Hoshi wa Utau, Skip Beat to name a few) but iuno, Kimi ni Todoke had set a whole different standard among all shoujo titles.

And the anime is so fabulous as well! Its so fluid and outstanding! From animation, to voice acting ,down to the soundtrack and every BGM used in the anime! There’s no episode that would downgrade it’s exemplar. Even the most heartbreaking episodes was so dear to me… I love how the anime was so faithful to the manga! I enjoyed everything!

Anyway, before I get carried away, YES, I have seen the movie last night.

To be honest, I wasn’t too psych to see that Yui Aragaki didn’t grab the role of Sawako Kuronuma. She was the first person rumored to play the part. And I actually like her.

Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki looking more like Sawako

Yui Aragaki capturing Sawako's pureness. Spot on!

But iuno… She didn’t land the role and I was kinda heartbroken… I was really looking forward to it as well. Doesn’t she resemble Sawako???

But oh well, in between all the fan’s speculation, it so happened that Mikako Tabe snatched the role. And Miura Haruma landing the Kazehaya Shota role. It didn’t sink in at first… I didn’t think the both suited the casting. Miura Haruma’s bishieness doesn’t seem to be in sync with Kazehaya’s charm and Mikako… Well… She’s not exactly pretty…

Mikako Tabe and Miura Haruma

Even after seeing the promotional pictures and stuff, I still can’t appreciate Mikako’s beauty. No offense, but it was so hard for me to look at her face… She’s really not pretty… But what can I do? The casting was done and most of the fans can’t wait but to see the performance of the selected actors and actresses. Disregarding my mixed feelings with Mikako, I was still very much anticipating the movie.

Mikako may not be pretty but she exudes with that Sawako vibe in her. I think it’s her eyes? HAHA! You decide for yourself:

Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe

However, I think that this is the proof the casting director was looking for when they picked Mikako Tabe for the role:

Mikako Tabe

And most definitely for this one:

Mikako Tabe

But to be honest, I find the gif to be real adorable! HAHA! She’s actually cute! See! Mixed feelings!

As for Miura Himura, well, he didn’t strike me as the bishie that he was supposed to be… I mean, he’s cute and all… But only after watching the movie that I was able to fully appreciate his charms:

Miura Himura

Miura Himura

Miura Himura

And hello, who can ever resist this???

Goodness gracious! Spaz everywhere! Violent nosebleed as I undress him and stuff! Dayuuuuum!!!! He’s definitely one of my baby daddy! And OMG! Major pink cloud as I retire and die happily in my Tralalalala land~

Anyhoo, he was the perfect Kazehaya. I have finally proven it after watching the movie…

But it won’t be complete without mentioning the other outstanding KnT cast!

Kimi ni Todoke cast

Kimi ni Todoke cast

Kimi ni Todoke cast

Kimi ni Todoke cast

Here’s Ayane Yano. Her looks was perfect for Ayane. She had this sophisticated flare. And her hair was so just like Yano-chin! I can’t help but smile at that thought :3

Unsolicited but I like her body, too. She looks really nice whenever she wears a cardigan in the movie :3 *self pity* Kudos to Natsuna Watanabe :3

Natsuna Watanabe

Yano-chin. So chic!

Misako Renbutsu played the role of Chizuru Yoshida. She’s not as tall as Chizu but goodness! She did carry her role splendidly! She had this roughness and comedic side of her. I enjoyed watching her! And she is so pretty too! Prettier than Sawako, Kurumi and Yano! After watching the movie, I scouted a lot of her pictures! It was hard looking for them but enough to make me happy. LOL! She would be my new girl crush :3

Misako Renbutsu

Misako Renbutsu. See! So Chizu-ish!

Misako Renbutsu

Misako Renbutsu

Misako Renbutsu drama/movie

Misako Renbutsu photoshoot

It was kinda depressing that I can’t save her pictures from her website coz she was really pretty in there! It was her random pictures that shows the real her. HAHA! After KnT, she instantly became my girl crush! HAHA!!! Just look at this picture:

Her beauty really complimented Haru Aoyama, the dude who played Ryu Sanada.

Haru Aoyama

Haru Aoyama

He’s the quiet Ryu we know… Handsome and manly, too! *swoon* It’s a shame they weren’t able to delve quite well to the “Chizu and Tooru” moment. Specifically, to the chapter entitled “First Snow” but again, I can’t blame them for putting as many chapters as they can in the hour long movie… *sigh*

Even the actress that played Ume Kurumizawa was spot on! Mirei Kiritani definitely had what it takes to be Sawako’s rival. Her hair looked so perfect in the whole movie, too!!! HAHA!!! I have to give credits to that! I was kinda disappointed that there weren’t many parts where she was shown but that’s understandable. It’s only an hour long movie (more than an hour if we’ll go specific) and to condensed roughly 15 chapters is hard enough but again, I have to give it to the Director and Screenwriter to be able to depict Kimi ni Todoke without ruining it! As I’ve said over and over again, I supaaaaaaaah loved it!

Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani

In totality, I supah recommend this movie to everyone!!!

I love how everybody really nailed their roles. Seeing them being played by real people was so refreshing that I couldn’t blame the population for being patient until it was released. I thought Mikako Tabe and Miura haruma complimented each other quite well.

They have chemistry!

It took a while to really accept the couple but they are just so good! I love Mikako’s gloomy portrayal of Sawako. It was so perfect that it was scary! I didn’t expect that she’ll fit perfectly. I know I said Yui Aragaki  was my choice for the role but seeing Mikako Tabe? Well, it was as if she was born to play Sawako.

I love how Misako, Natsuna and Mikako interacted in their scenes as well :3

This scene quenched my heart… One of the most powerful scenes especially on how Yano approached Sawako and gave her that big warm hug… Wah! And Chizu!!!! See! Their expressions are just like the manga characters. They really studied their role well :3

We can’t leave kazehaya and Ryu in the loop!

In conclusion, I still don’t know how I’ll get over the movie… There were only slight alteration from the manga but goodness! Those new scenes sent me to my blissful world of tralalalalala~

I kyah’ed multiple times and I couldn’t contain my emotion! How they ended it was very nice as well… Make sure you watch it til the very, very end! HAHA!!! i will definitely download this movie! But for now, lemme leave you with some of the most memorable scenes in the movie…

Awww... Kazehaya's look!!! Awww...!

And the ending… How nice, right? Starting and ending the movie in this concept… I can’t help butj go AWWWWW…

So yeah, That was such a lot of Kimi ni Todoke lovin’. I didn’t expect to overwork myself… It’s not even a review anymore… It was just spamming you! But Kazehaya’s fine with that…

And Sawako’s definitely happy to have made you happy as well…

HAHA! Okay, that’s it! I need to sleep! HAHA! I enjoyed the spam nevertheless! Yay!!! Hopefully, there would be a second movie to follow it up. HAHA!

18 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke Live Action”

  1. Your blog is wonderful, really *__* I love it! However, I’d like to watch this live action, do you know if there is a subbed version? I can’t understand Japanese, but if it’s English, Italian or Spanish… that’s okay XD Kimi Ni Todoke is such a cute anime! I loved the first season ─ and even the first episodes of the new one ♥

  2. di naman obvious na super enjoy mo yung movie lexie *apir* ^__^v





    • wahaha yup gokusen S3 – Ren Kazama ♥__♥

      • tungens. ang gwapo nun kahit magpa-uke mode or seme mode or tsundere. wafuuu tapos bagay pa sa acting. shet. mukhang panonoorin ko to ah! 8D.

    • HAHA! Anak ng tokwa! Sobrang natawa naman ako sa comment niyo! I didn’t think hindi niyo siya alam na siya gaganap sa Kimi ni Todoke! grabeh! Watch it if even for Miura Haruma lang dahil grabeh! Makalaglag panty!

  4. *dreamy*

  5. wahahahaha kahit anong role ibigay kay miura ang cute nya pa rin… go gambatte!!! patok yan for sure fan ako ng mga anime.. at live action nito.. (n_n)y

  6. lo que me gusto de este dorama fueron los personajes secundarios,chizuru , ayane , ryu sanada, iguales al anime, la verdad que el director se paso!.

  7. yeah, blog kamu memang bagus, sorry if you don’t understand my language

  8. nice job !! (y) appreciate it from the depth of my heart !!

  9. I love Haruma Miura!! You should watch “14 sai no haha” and “Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta,” you’ll see a different Haruma Miura 🙂

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