Hunger Games Trilogy

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This would be my long overdue Hunger Games review, composed of ramblings and ranting. So well, maybe it’s not an actual review afterall. Forgive me….

And so, given that, Just click under the cut if you wanna know more :3

SPOILERS AHEAD so read at your own risk!

And so, a couple of weeks ago, I have drawn myself to the spell of Hunger Games saga.

It was way, way before when my good friend Kathleen told me about it. Relevant to our talk because it was somehow an inspiration for her own novel. She encouraged me to read it but since I am supah broke, I didn’t have the means to purchase my own copy… That’s when Kathleen displayed her big heart again and sent me the whole series at my doorstep! Oh my goodness gracious! She bought me the Hunger Games trilogy!!!! And she already sent me “The Fire” ah! *halupasay*

And so, as soon as I got it, I read it right away and got hook at the start of chapter 1.

A lot had said that the concept was just like Battle Royale. I mean, I won’t contest that. The element is really the same but gawd, how the whole thing progressed was just too explosive that before I knew it, I finished one book in two days! Actually, if we’ll go technical, I didn’t really spent 24 hours reading it but you know, I had work and I gotta sleep so yeah… Still, once I started, I couldn’t stop! I actually needed to force myself!

What I love about Suzanne Collins is that her work was so descriptive. I can seriously envision the whole thing in my mind. It was amazing!!!! And for an action scene depicted using words, that’s kinda hard to achieve… She had this power to engulf you, to focus your attention to everything that was happening inside the book. (it sounded like Fushigi Yuugi. HAHA!)

After finishing every chapter, you just have to move on and read the next one… And the next one… AND THE NEXT ONE!

Wow, I gotta give it to her, she has the best chapter enders EVER!!! It was so hard to stop reading her works!!! As I follow Katniss’ journey inside the book, I can’t help but to sympathized and empathized with her… It was well written! I got carried away, no joke…

I laughed, I cried (or at least felt like crying), I felt furious, I got so anxious and I fell in love.

Oh my goodness, it was a good mix of everything! And I was especially so amazed by the authors ideas about everything! About building her own world, the characters, the outfits, the romantic moods, the game… WOW. I was at the edge of my seat everytime. And although you finish the whole book, you’ll be craving for the next one quite immediately!

I have spent 6 days reading all three books. I could’ve done it in lesser time if I have no other shit to do. But gawd! I love it!

And the twisted twist on the second book? Oh gawd, that was so unexpected!!!! Plus the killer one liner of Gale to end book 2 was so explosive that oh my gawd… I don’t know anymore!!!! That was just the best ever!!!!

I’m not even sure if I am beyond exaggerating my emotions but it was so masterfully crafted that I need to stand up and applause!

That was very true for the first 2 books. But come the last one from the trilogy, well, I wouldn’t say the hype went down hill. I mean, it was still as electrifying as the first two. More action and drama and characters and revelations and disasters and everything you can think about.

Although the author was able to wrap things up satisfactory, I think everything went by in a blur. There were just so many things going around. So many characters. So many districts… Since there were so many things happening at the same time, the author kinda failed to focus and put more drama to the story. Like when Finnick died. More info about Haymitch’s past, Johanna’s torture, Prim’s life, President’s Snow demented brain function… But most importantly, it lacked the romantic air between Peeta and Katniss.

If I may say so myself, I think Gale had more “air time” than Peeta! That disturbed me! Because honestly, I think half of the reason why this novel is such a gem was because of Peeta and Katniss’ relationship (or the lack thereof for the first 2 books. It wasn’t exactly mutual).

But nooooooooooooo! Half the time, Peeta wasn’t even included in the story! And they didn’t even tackle much about Peeta’s family. I thought it would be an interesting take on his personal life, right?

And then when Prim died, well honestly, I can’t even get myself to really get affected by it… I think that’s also one thing that was kinda weird about the flow of the story. It was established at the very beginning that Katniss was very much attached to her sister but althroughout, I didn’t really feel that. She was more of an extra than anything significant. Even her mom. When it was almost the end of the novel, the author was very minimalisitc to narrate Prim’s death. No mention of her name. Actually, I didn’t get it at first since Suzanne only described Prim’s physical attributes (like her hair) and described Katniss’ hysteria when she saw Prim got blown away by a bomb. I had to read more before realizing it was Prim who was killed in that war.

Super FAIL.

But as I said, I didn’t even know it was her. HAHA!

But going back to Peeta and Katniss, it was frustrating not to see them together! If anything, they only fight or that Peeta would only want to kill Katniss after he was brainwashed. Although he was able to gather his old self at the end, it was just not enough… NOT ENOUGH I say…

Sure, they got married and they had two kids but it wasn’t a fast forward event I was looking for. And that’s exactly what happened to them. Arg. The author could’ve developed more dramatic scenes with the both of them but oh well.. I guess we won’t be able to see any of it now… It’s the end.


I was telling Kathleen that maybe Suzanne could’ve ended the series with a fourth book. Maybe by then, she could explore more feelings between the characters. Go more in depth. But like what Kathleen said, it’s gonna be so painful. The story in itself was so painful to read… Imagine if you’re the author writing the life of your beloved characters… I know how it must be…


So I guess I’ll just have to suck it up. Anyway, Peeta and Katniss still ended up together. The fluffiness is just for my own personal taste. So I’m letting it go. HAHA!!!

Oh well, I gotta end the ranting now. But I do recommend this book! And don’t forget to support the upcoming movie next year! Kyah!

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