First Love: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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The film is centered on plain-looking, dark-skinned school girl named Nam who is secretly in love with older grade 10 guy name Shone (or Chon). A popular student in high school, Shone is the son of a former football athlete and also shows skills in the sport. This makes a lot of the girls in school go crazy over him, including Nam. However, Nam is well aware that she is not the prettiest of the bunch, but she doesn’t give up easily. With help from her close girl friends, Nam tries everything to make herself more beautiful and outstanding in school – hoping that Shone would like her someday.


I would say, this movie is my first Thai movie. How I discovered it? Well, Thanks to Tumblr and this screen capture:

Seriously Tumblr, you are ruining my life for letting me discover all these wonderful stuff around the world! Anyway, I thought the girl was Angel Locsin. And then I read the notes and was surprised that its not even a Filipino film but it’s popular in the Philippines! This really increased my curiosity and I just have to watch it!

And through the magic of google, I found a link and found myself watching the movie. YAY! You can watch the trailer with subs here, too!

I’d say it right now, this movie is just any other movie out there. It’s composed of a lot of cliche’s you’ve already seen. But then again, this movie is based from a true story of everyone else. Yes, this is a movie about you, and you and you.

I think what captured everybody’s interest to watch this movie is its unfailing power to relate the story with everybody’s own experience. It was as if bringing you back to that bittersweet moment of loving somebody. Getting heartbroken and moving on. It’s so pure and realistic that I won’t even argue its popularity across the globe. In fact, I am encouraging you to watch it!

The movie starts off with a glimpse of the future and then the director brought us back to the past where he introduced four adorable girls.

Probably like your friends back in Middle School/Highschool, you may have looked just like these four. They dream of this special boy as they go everyday dealing with school, bullying and discrimination. Still, the four managed to have fun and enjoy each other’s company as they pursue their love of their lives. It’s nice how supportive they are when it comes to Nam, the lead girl.

In order for a guy like  P’shone…

…to love a girl like P’Nam…

It seemed impossible. But a girl can dream…

That someday….

Nam didn’t falter. She did everything she could do to get close to P’Shone. It was adorable and at the same time admirable. She worked hard. And through the course of three years, we get to see just how much she changed.

She studied hard to be on the top. She even participated in a stage play.

This is our first glimpse of her gradual transformation. It was such a funny and heartfelt scene in the whole movie. I really like how they never really overdid it. If anything, it was quite realistic. Funny, but realistic.

I swear to God… I felt like I was Nam in the movie! With P’Shone playing as my prince! Kyahness!!!! His beauty is so BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway, on the following year, we saw her change yet again.

She became a Drum Major.

And oh my goodness, this is the part where I am completely… AS IN COMPLETELY CONVINCED, that this gurl is just so full of win! That’s it! She is my new girl crush! HAHA! Baifern Pimchanok, Y U SO PWEETY??? LOL!

Of course, having that beauty captured many hearts of men. Including P’Shone’s bestfriend. I didn’t even bother remembering his name because he freakin’ annoyed me to death! But at least unlike P’Shone, he’s got the guts to be upfront with his feelings for P’Nam.

This is the hateful guy

And when this scene happened during Valentine’s Day…

OMIGOD! It was so heartbreaking kyahness at the same time… Y Y Y Y???? I don’t understand why…??!?!?! The following scenes were even more heartbreaking. The disappointments Nam had to go though was so realistic! Her expression would really bring back a distant past of your own disappointments while watching. I, can very well relate to it. It was Christmas. Excited and young and……………… HAHA, heartbroken. I remember I spent the whole Christmas wallowing over my heartbreak, crying and going crazy. LOL!

Anyway, soon after, things weren’t easy for the two main characters…

The timing was so off for the both of them…

And when Nam finally got the courage to profess her love for P’Shone, This happened:

I wanted to put a picture of the whole thing but it was so heartbreaking that OMIGOD… I just don’t know anymore… I didn’t really cry in this particular scene (surprisingly!) but I had this unexplainable heartache for Nam’s part (along with all those people who were in love). When she mustered all her courage to finally face P’Shone, expecting for a happy ending and then discovering that he’s already committed to somebody…

Oh my gawd… How Nam choked her words of encouragement for the both of them… It was so difficult to watch… I wonder what kind of stuff were happening inside of her head. It was so overwhelming… And most especially, painful. It was so sorrowful…

It will tear you apart. Maybe it’s not watching Nam and P’Shone anymore… But seeing your own distant past through them….

And you wonder, when will your time finally cross…

Omigod… That scene was too much…

But it’s even more depressing that the two wanted to be together but they just won’t meet. There were so many obstacles and reservations between the two of them… For the whole time, we were looking through Nam’s journey, loving P’Shone. But at the end, It sadden me to an extent that I just want to throw my computer against the floor.

Because P’Shone loved her. He loved her with all his heart but he couldn’t even tell it to Nam because he promised his bestfriend not to fall in love with Nam. Guess what, buddy, he’s been in love with her this whole time… *halupasay*

And then they separated. Both not completely moving on. The whole movie was bittersweet in its entirety. You will cringe at every scene where you can truly relate. possibly, to all those ordeals Nam had to go through. From an ugly girl liking the cutest senior in their school. It happened to you at one point of your life, I’m sure. And I think it is one of the best quality of this film. It was reality driven. And as Nam’s and Shone’s love story unfolds, we also see some struggles with Nam’s friendship and family.

I can totally recommend it. It’s one of those movies that will really touch you. HAHA!

“All of us have someone hidden in the bottom of our hearts. And when we think of him, we always feel a little pain inside…but we still want to keep him.”

I think I’ve finished walking through the whole series. Sorry for the mega duper spoiler!!!!

But now, I’ll just spam you with a lot of awesome pictures!

Couple pictures of the most adorable couple!

Here’s my new baby daddy, Mario Maurer!

And then, the beautiful Baifern Pimchanok (Don’t expect me to remember her name)

I'm still trying to digest the fact that Nam started out looking like that to gorgeousness...

Yesh, that's the same person. I couldn't believe the transformation either! Fern is 18 years old but in the movie, she looked like 12! The magic of make-up!

NOTE: I want to emphasize that Fern is not just plain beauty. If you see the movie yourself, you would be at awe by how effective she portrayed her character. I was deceived the whole time until the last part. How she managed to adapt a young girl’s gesture and expressions were outstanding. It was as if seeing the character Nam, grow. Not only was her character impressive, even Mario was golden! And the supporting characters are very much loved as well! The casting was so perfect!

And one more thing before I end this spam, an inspirational message at the end of the movie. So heartfelt…


“All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of our heart when we think of him we will feel like umm!! Always feel a little pain inside, but we still want to keep him even though, I don’t know where he is today, what he is doing but he is the one who makes me know this”



I super love Teacher In!


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  1. yung kasama kong manood nito, grabe dinaig pa ko kung kiligin, grabe, ^__^; we’ve been watching it for nth time…

  2. your so handsomo p.shone

  3. grrrr…!!!!!!!!!!! i really love MAURER…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love you P’shone .. so much ^_^

  5. i love nam because she so beautiful

  6. I really like crazy little tjing callled loved coz’ the cast are so very beautiful and handsome especially P.SHONE and P.NAM

  7. nice movie.///..sana bilisan ang next part…

  8. i very love shone nam………….. love u sana may part two

  9. i love nam

  10. i love nam and shone….kkilig ang crazy little thing called love

  11. Hi nice to meet you lexie… you right this movie was so awesome, realistic, and really touching. This is the best thailand movie I’ve ever seen. I love thailand movie especially horror, but when I watched this OMG so heart breaking. All the things u said about this, it’s all true.. 😀

    • I think that’s the main thing why it’s so popular because it’s so relatable and real. The story just flowed without any flowery scenes. Of course it’s still a movie, dramatic, but it was enough magic for us to just completely love it :3

      Thanks for dropping by!

  12. Oh, so cute…I love it! !Good work!

  13. I LOVE NAM…….!!!!!
    very much……. 🙂

  14. i like it……like this…funny, goccciilll

  15. everything fits Perfectly!!!!!!!! d best movie ever!

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    Also so missed the kilig movie scene :] and also P’nam & P’shone!!!

  17. i watch it many times..haha

  18. it’s so romantic nam and shone

  19. i love p shone

  20. P’shone is so hot!!!:)fell in love when he first appeared in the movie….i can’t express it fully,i can only watch him throughout the movie and dream of him always:))P’shone,i love you.Mario Maurer,too:)

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  22. Yes nmn!!! Gnda ni p.nam grabe at npka simple p wlang arte… -_- i love you nam….!!!

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  24. Ok guys.
    I am writing a fanfiction based on this movie since I also adore this movie . It’s set after the nine years when they finally meet. If you want to read, here is the link.

    Please have a look and let me know.

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