No Emotional Release

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I want to go back to the Philippines where I can be with people who gets me. Unlike here in America, it’s just so… So…. Depressing. You don’t know how much I have to struggle each time I want to explode with my fangasm but there’s no one to tell it with. It’s so painful…

I have so many emotional outburst but nobody would really understand. If they try, they will only think I’m a freak.

But what can I do when I actually feel a physical attachment with fictional characters? I am such a passionate person that my feelings flows whenever I love something. Especially when it concerns anime/manga or movies. I really, really can empathize with them! How else can I feel all those wonderful experiences but only through reading/watching. </3

It may not be normal. Maybe I really am a freak. But I can’t deny what I am…

And the worst part about it is that when you try and tell all these thoughts to somebody, they dismiss it so nonchalantly. Like really??? It’s that easy for you to trash my passionate expression of love?


I’m so depressed. It’s even pathetic I am feeling like this over something like this. But it’s true. Or maybe I just miss the people I love back at home. People who won’t judge and just listen to all my ramblings. Ahh…

But thank you journal. Again, for the 8th year of my blogging years, you have been a very effective emotional outlet for me. I am so grateful at least to you.

LOL, how come this entry become so dramatic? LOL.

Anyway, still listening to the OST “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Seriously, I’m addicted to this movie! I don’t know what it is but its so dear to my heart… Maybe Every Girl is just like Nam, But not every guy is like Shone…… Wah! So heartbreaking!

Oh well, towel.


Reblogging this awesome commercial because I still can’t get over the fact that Fern is the deaf/mute girl from this commercial! I almost had a heart attack when I read about it from one of the Tumblr posts! See! Such a talented lady! She’s not all looks, I’m telling you! So watch the movie!

4 Responses to “No Emotional Release”

  1. your blog’s cool 🙂

  2. what’s the title of the movie? 🙂 your blog is nice..

    • Thanks fir visiting! Well, I was mainly obsessing over ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ starring Fern and Mario, when I posted that journal entry.. Haha!

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