Bell Nunita

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Seriously! Why do I keep on blogging about this fangasmic stuff instead of real life happenings I am experiencing??? (And I am at the verge of writing a post dedicated to Gerald’s and Sarah’s newest film I watched last weekend!)


Gyah! It’s so hard to be such a fangurl. But I can’t help it!!!!! These awesome stuff are so hard to ignore! And take note, I am about to blog Thailand’s current sensation, BELL NUNITA!


I came to know about her through a certain FB post by my brother.


This beautiful person is actually a dude! I know, shocking right? Even though she (I’ll refer to her as a “she”) is very talented, I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to deal with life. According to her interview, her dad was really against her sexuality and she is constantly called a fag. Not that she can help it. The world is not yet open to this kind of stuff…


But anyway, what’s admirable about her is that she did not give up and strived harder to be where she is now. Currently, she had entered the semi-finals for Thai Got Talent. That’s out of her earnest effort to persevere.


^ This is Bell’s rendition of Unloveable, incidentally, the song that made her popular. Her male voice is so beautiful!!!!


^ And the other song entitled “Yahk Roo Tae Mai Yahk Taam”. I can so relate to this song… And the melody was so mesmerizing… It’s so hopeful… Gyaaaaaaaaaaah!


^Bao Bao, an adorable song where she showcased her dual voice to seem like a duet. Her woman and male singing voice are both so amazing!!!!


^ The song entitled “Phien”. His voice is so pure… Hands down!


^ This vid is not Bell Nunita related but this singer is soooooooooooooo amazing! The vocalist for Calories Blah Blah is definitely talented!


My goodness gracious! So far, all the Thai songs I got to listen to are all outstanding. Maybe the language itself doesn’t sound too appealing for me but their songs are top notch!  The type of music that would lull me to sleep… I tried learning some Thai song but it is rather difficult than I have expected… I can’t even sing correct Korean after all these years I’ve been involved with it and here I am, testing my Thai when I barely got into the fad weeks ago. HAHA!


I am appreciating too much foreign stuff, it’s awesome!


I’m looking forward to learning more wonderful Thai songs! I think they are most definitely worth my time. HAHA!


Oh well, towel :p






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