More Girly (Random) Stuff

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Well, i guess my quest for self improvement was sooner than expected!

Yesterday, I went to Towne Center to buy myself some brushes and make up, in preparation for our Vegas trip by the end of the month. Hahaha!

There were so many brushes and honestly, I don’t even know where to begin to study its uses… The only brush I use are the ones for painting.. Haha!

But at least I finally have something to use :3 And oh! I even bought a hair dye. Imma dye my hair during my day off. Also, my sister cut my hair. Kinda. I’m still getting used to my bangs -____-;


It was the 10th when April finally came here in the US and tomorrow, the 13th, she’ll be visiting my dad in Chicago. Haha! For the 2 days that she was here, we just ate and stuff. Haha!!!

Oh well, towel.

– – –

Fast Fact: I don’t have a sex life. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You didn’t see that coming, huh! Lol!

One Response to “More Girly (Random) Stuff”

  1. Kalorky ang fast fact! Haha!

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