Happy 8th Birthday!

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The Soul Synopsis:

To Miyari, the world was dead. To Fumiyo, the world was silent.

But with such loneliness, the two souls found each other. Indeed they were happy but the happiness was bounded by suffering… Along the way, a friend was hurt. Trust was broken. A heartbreak.


But love will surely prevail, however the string of fate wills them. Until the end…

From the time that I have conceptualized the story of “The Soul“, 8 years had already gone by.

How fast time flies! I was in second year in High School when I wrote Fumiyo’s and Miyari’s story. It’s my second story and my first manga creation. To date, I have drawn over a hundred manga pages and a couple of side stories (to which, one was released during Komikon 2010 under Butter|Sweet’s second issue.)

Not to mention, I am re-writing the whole thing. I started last year actually, as an entry for Nanowrimo. Compared to 8 years ago, the one I’m writing right now has more depth to it. I am trying to explore more of the character’s personality and at the same time, building their background. At least now, they are not just some empty shell  I put together! I am proud of myself and how everything’s shaping right now. HAHA!

I truly love these characters! HAHA! And no, that’s not weird at all. But I guess you need to “create” first before you can actually know what I mean :3

Still, “The Soul” will live forever ❤


I will draw a commemorative picture fer realzzzz! I actually kinda forgot about today’s date so I wasn’t able to prepare… HAHA!

– – –

Fast Fact: I started wearing glasses since I was in my first year in HS. That’s like over 10 years already!!!! If I have a choice, I wouldn’t want to wear one at all. But my eyesight is horrible! Thanks to my horrible habit of reading novels inside a moving vehicle, or using such horrible light when reading or drawing. And also of course, for being always in front of the computer. LOLOLOL! Oh well, towel.


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