Pray for Dad

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My sister is in Chicago for a few weeks so she can visit our relatives there and my dad. Initially, they were supposed to go to Florida and do “Disney World” like what we did a few years back. And iuno what happened but they ended up going to Tennessee instead. (I used a spelling check for Tennessee. WTH is up with that spelling???!?!!!?!?).

It was alright but I know my sister is bored out of her socket. HAHA!

Anyhoo, while she was telling me what has been up to from her vacation, she mentioned that my dad just had a check up a few days ago and well, the doctor told him that they found “something” in his liver. Nothing quite clear yet. We’re still waiting for the official result but April was kinda worried.

My dad drinks a lot

He drinks as a form of socialization with his friends. So much so when he was back in PI. Right now, he said he just drinks occasionally ever since he came to US. But still…I can’t just disregard all the previous years…

I seriously think that it’s nothing and that it’s just a regular procedure but I, of course, can’t just put the thought aside. I admit, I am kinda bothered.


I hope it’s nothing serious. Oh please, please… :c

– – –

Fast Fact: I don’t hate my real name because it’s ugly.

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