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Driving around LA (Cerritos) like I’m the total shieeeeeet.


Consequently, my parking is like SHIT. HAHAHAHA!


For a few days, I was able to drive the Accord around Cerritos. Since Tito and Tita are both in vacation, nobody was really there to drive me to and from work/review. And my cousin is not the type to waste time on me either. So kinda reluctantly, my cousin agreed to lend me the extra car. Surprisingly, I did better driving than I could have expected! If anything, I think I’m better driving alone than with people.

Imagine, aside from going to work, I also drove myself to the mall, the library, the grocery, the church, the bank…. Everywhere! I know its not for real yet but driving (your own) car felt so liberating. Like I hold my own time. Hahaha. And I’m improving with my parking, like seriously so kudos!

Slowly but surely :3

– – –

Fast Fact: I am actually good at small talks. Like when a friend of a friend was introduced to me, by the end of the day, we’re already BFFs :3 I think I can handle conversations pretty well. It’s only when I feel detached or don’t feel any kind of connection with the other person that I don’t try. Very rarely tho :3

One Response to “Driving”

  1. Hahaha! Good for you! Work on your parking! XD

    Pero alam mo ako din, feel ko I drive a lot better pag mag-isa ako. Kasi walang mag-na-nag sau, walang makikialam, tsaka hindi ka worried na baka may madamay sa kapalpakan mo. LOL

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