Movie Night With Husband (after forever)

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Okay, so after forever (gawd, I’m redundant!), I’ll be watching a movie with Sidney! HAHA!!! When was the last time we spent time together properly? I think it was during the Rango movie… *sigh*

Anyway, today, I plan to make an attack!!!! Although I don’t feel so strongly about him, it’s still nice to show him what he missed out, for not making a move when I was still lingering around him. I’ve had this detachment since a while ago but having no one to crush on makes life even more boring so he became my pawn. It was just like when I talk about Greek. Honestly, I don’t care what he does in his life but it’s so nice to talk so fondly of him. Especially when a certain BESTFRIEND detest the idea… HAHA! I love you “Acquaintance“!!!!

So tonight, I need to be super duper megamazing beautiful when I see him!!!! Of course, not overly done but still, I want to show him something that had changed about me. HAHA!!!! Especially now that I feel so beautiful (not entirely a bluff. I mean, come on…)

But honestly, more than looking forward to seeing him, I am more excited about the movie… HAHA! I wanted to see Rio in like forever!!! Arg!!!! Finally, the time has comeeeeee!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact: I’m not as awesome like my bestfriend *cough* but I know how to play Volleyball decently, but dislike the sport. Why? Because it is such a painful sport…… I hate pain, therefore, Volleyball is out of the question. Let’s just play Ping-Pong or Basketball, yeah?

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