Movie Night Aftermath

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I just got home from watching a movie with Sidney. Well, after watching the movie AND after having a snack at Tea Station.

The movie was marvelous! That’s for sure! The opening sequence was already so explosive and it’s just so awesome! The storyline was also superb and animation was fluid. I loved it! And enjoyed it ’til the end. Sidney liked the movie as well.

Anyway, the movie was late, and got out a little before midnight. He asked me if I wanted to do something else afterwards and I suggested that we can have tea somewhere and maybe a snack. So yeah, we went to Tea Station, ordered a delicious drink and their popular Takoyaki and Chicken strips. HAHA!!!!

And it was really fuuuuuuuuuuun! I got to talk to him a loooooooooooot! It was the first time that we talked about relationships and the like. Up close and personal. Not the usual anime/manga conversation we always talk about. It was so refreshing!!!!

So he told me about all his past relationships. He was really open. He told me a lot about himself and I got to know him better. I’m glad that we were able to enter a new level of friendship where we can be open about this sort of thing. At the moment, he hasn’t been into dating for almost 4 years. He mentioned that he kinda talks to this girl in Seattle but since its a long distance kind of a relationship, he really doesn’t want to pursue it.

I was just wondering if this girl from Seattle is the same girl he mentioned to be giving him a mixed signal… I mean, he wasn’t really evasive about the topic but he wasn’t really up front about it too. So I can’t say that maybe he’s talking about me *cough* yeah right, Lexie. But it’s possible. I may have really been giving him some mixed signals….

But really, it could be anyone, too…

It’s so confusing coz he also mentioned that he won’t kinda date a family’s friend. That’s like ME. Iuno… It’s so confusing… And I just kept on asking him about it. If, a girl would confess to him, would he feel awkward or what but his answers are not really clear.

He also kinda mentioned that he kinda try not to date Filipino girls coz it reminds him a lot of her aunties… And I asked him if I remind him of his aunties and he said a little bit.

And I don’t know what to make of this conversation… Arg!!!! I was so close to telling him I like him (gawd Lexie, make up your mind if you like him or not already!) but I don’t want him to feel awkward, what not. Although I kept on pointing out that if a person likes me, I won’t feel awkward around them… Of course I was hinting of the fact that if he tells me he likes me, I won’t feel awkward. But iuno what he will do about that information…

Anyway, I also told him about myself and Chris. In case you don’t know, he’s my ex boyfriend. I also told him that just a few days ago, I got asked out by a guy and some of the other miscellaneous guys. HAHA!!!! It was a really open conversation. I never imagined us touching the topic, even! But he was generous with his stories… And I really appreciate the fact that he let me see that other side of him. I learned a lot from him… Honest to goodness, if I didn’t have any control of myself, I would’ve told him right on I like him.

Gyah!!!! It’s so annoying and frustrating!!! How would I make him realize that I am soooo attracted to him???!!!?!?!?! That,  and not making our relationship awkward, if he ended up not reciprocating my feelings… Coz deep down inside, I am hesitant because I don’t want to be rejected. HAHA!!! That’s the main reason why I’ve never been upfront myself. And gawd! Everybody knows I like him except him!!!! Arg!!!!

I wish, there is something we can do about it so I don’t go crazy… Goodness! And I’m not even sure if I can even stay here and be close to him. I don’t know anymore…

Oh well, composing a post about Ralph. But that would be for another time because I’m lazy…

HAHA! Still, a good night for me!!! Wish I can see him again soon! HAHA!!! We’ll see. Oh well, ciao!

– – –

Fast Fact: I dislike Starbucks. I dunno, their milk causes me diarrhea. It’s too often to be only a coincidence. HAHA!!! Oh well… It’s a good thing I’m not a big fan of coffee. At least I am not compelled to go to all these fancy places. I’m good with my plain water :3

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