He asked me to go out with him

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So let me tell you about how Ralph asked my permission to go out with him… Lol.

That was last Thursday. I was so lively as always, ready to work my butt off when my co-workers started telling me how Ralph always comes by my department, looking for me. He just did the other day when I was off.

It’s kinda embarassing, really.. It’s like being in HS all over again. With all the gossips and a little teasing.. It’s also embarassing because all of them know except me. Well, apparently, Ralph had been wanting to get to know me for a while now, and in person. Haha, quite the traditional guy.. Most people would ask me through text or OL.

And so, he finally came when I was working. It was his day off but he decided to come by. He looked freshly shaven and casual. It was my break anyway so I told him that he can walk me to the break room. We just had a casual talk as well. About work and stuff. I honestly don’t know how to approach him because I don’t really know him and he looks shy. That’s the most difficult type of person for me to interact with. Haha! I forgot the rest of our conversation until it led us to his main purpose.


He was telling me how he wanted to talk to me, more in private. We were at the breakroom so I suggested we go out. As we were getting out of the room, Ms. Mila saw me and told me he’s been wanting to see me for a long time now. Haha!

So yeah, he came up to me and told me up front that he wants to go out. Oh wow.. This is like the first time that a guy actually asked me out in person. Even Chris didn’t ask me personally so I don’t know.. I felt a little self conscious and IDEK… I know what he was about to say but I can’t respond because its taking a while before he can speak up. Not his fault but I felt like it was stretching the mood a little too much. The prelude was taking forever. It was much easier if it was from a text but oh well… Anyway, so he was like, ‘I’ve been meaning to ask you.. Do you want to go out with me?’

And with the stupidest expression on my face ever, I was like, ‘Yeah sure’. I was smiling  I don’t know what type of expression I should show him  but I was genuinely flattered tho. Well, I was blunt with my response but I’m open to dating anyone. And I am looking.

He asked me when I’m free. I told him I’m off Friday but I have plans (with Sidney!!! Obviously..). Although I have plans, he can just text me anytime so we can plan something sometime soon. He wasn’t that smooth so I just asked his number instead. I called his phone so he can get my number as well. Haha! A little forward on my part? Not quite. Maybe I was just improving our pace a little..

He told me he has a few places he wants to take me but if I have something in mind, I can tell him. I just said eating out and movies are my type of things. So we’ll see. Actually, he hasn’t texted me yet which is weird… If it were any other guys, they would’ve texted me right away like the other guys I’ve met. Hmm.. Did I come off a little too strongly? I don’t know. I’ll leave it to him.  (update: he finally texted like yesterday)

And oh, how funny because later that day, Renz called me and told me one of Ate Mai’s friend saw my picture and said I was cute and is interested into meeting me. Not quite flattering really because I seemed to be his last choice. Why? Coz my sister is now in the Philippines and my cousin is back inCanada. They are the better looking girls.. I’m basically the only one left in California and remaining option. But WTF. I’m pretty now so I can keep up with anyone (Ha! Where is this confidence coming from???).

But yeah, I think Ate Mai’s arranging something for the future.. We’ll see.

Seriously, there are times when I’m seriously boy-less and times where they are all everywhere!!!! It was like the same from last year (around the same time) when Chris, Loren and Josh had the intent to date me. Stupid me, I settled for the first one to ask me to be his girlfriend. Wrong move!

Now, I’m wiser (I hope). So, haha!!!

But if I were to decide, I don’t need all these people. I just like Sidney but it just won’t do for the both of us. Suuuuucks!!!! We’ll see if spark will happen to any of these guys…

– – –

<b>Fast Fact:</b> The first manga title from my collection was Ayashi no Ceres. Actually, I bought (or my mom bought) the graphic novel version. I actually don’t know the difference between graphic novel and manga but whatever… I love it and it’s so special to me.. Haha! Good choice for my first title!!!

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