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I am quite troubled because when I call out this Saturday, June 4, during the week of our inventory, they might fire me. It’s a very important week. It’s as important as Black Friday.

And you know why I’m calling out? It’s because that day is the day of the Mud Run at Camp Pendleton. And stupid me, earlier this day, I signed a waiver about my schedule for that day. I don’t know why I didn’t use my brain before I signed it. Although honestly, I thought I was tricked into doing so. I mean, even before Lisa presented me the waiver, I was already telling her that I might not be able to go that day because of “school“. But despite hearing me out, she still forwarded me the paper and let me sign, catching me off guard. Still I can’t blame her because I was still the one who didn’t use my brain before agreeing to it.

So, what the fuck…. I hope I’ll get a coaching first before they cut me off for next time. I mean, if they do fire me, well, that just sucks… Still, I am hoping against odds that it won’t be as grave as that. Imma talk to Lisa again when I see her tomorrow. I’m nervous tho… I hate lying…

To be honest, I consider ditching the freakin’ mud run coz of course, work is more important NOW but my cousin would just give me a hard time if I do so and its just gonna frustrate me.

I really don’t know. Imma try and talk to Lisa again. seriously… Imma tell her that I really need to go to my “class” because of an “exam“. ┬áMaybe they’ll pity me and let me off the hook instead of telling them I’m just going to a Mud Run event. HAHA!!!

I don’t mind if they fire me any other time but not before AX! No!!!! Please, don’t forsake me…..

(LOL, so dramatic. I should get an award .____.”)

– – –

Fast Fact: I keep a box of condom in one of my drawers. I didn’t use it except to make water balloons, tho. I was trying to get rid of it but nobody wants it. You want it? I’ll give it to you for free, HAHA!

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