I Don’t Understand Why

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I honestly don’t know why Sidney can’t like me. I mean, we click. We have the same interests, I get along well with his family. I am willing to meet his friends, we have the same music type. We can talk for hours and be random with each other. We can be spontaneous. And we are comfortable enough to talk about personal stuff..

Physically, I don’t think I am that unattractive, either. And I’m sure I have a pleasant personality, too.

But whyyyyy…?!

Except for the fact that i’m not stable, career wise, I think I am likeable enough.


Even if I am unstable yet, I am responsible enough at least. I’m trying to be as independent as I can be, believe it or not. I don’t ask for money from my parents or something. I pay my own bills and shit. Although it’s true I’m just living with my relatives, it’s not like I’m not doing my share of the household…

I don’t know… And I’m done always telling myself I have moved on with him because I think I never did in reality. I mean, at times my feelings won’t be as intense but the feeling still lingers, you know?

Its so hard. Although admittedly, a lot of people likes me, its not as flattering when the one I like won’t even consider me. It’s even more annoying if you ask me…

Why can’t we just both like each other? Haha!!! I want to be upfront with him, too. Tell him I like him but I was told it’s a bad idea to do so. And I think so, too. Well, unless I confirm that we’re both feeling the same. But i know that’s nothing more but a delusion I desperately created.

Haha, I humor myself.. How pathetic šŸ˜

– – –

Fast Fact: I’ve never been a flower girl… Ever!!!! I was a very uncute child when I was a kid, that’s why I wasn’t considered, maybe.. Haha! I was a bit bummed by it actually.. My childhood is not complete… Haha! Lol!


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