The Type that doesn’t Mind their own Business

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After a long time, Josh called me. He’s attending Animé Expo so we have an opportunity to meet. Today is Day zero. The day when we can pick up our badges. He called to ask me what time imma go to the pre-registration. I told him that my friend and I were supposed to go around 3pm but he’s running late so we’ll go later than expected.

And he was like, ‘Wala ka paring kotse hanggang ngayon?’

I don’t care if you think I am being overly sensitive or whatever but I am genuinely hurt by that. Or better yet, I was INSULTED.

Well excuse me for being poor! I didn’t ask for this kind of life. I hate how easily he told me that when first of all, he’s not even a close friend. Ang lakas din naman ng tama niya para sabihing ‘abala’ daw ako sa mga friends ko coz they always give me rides… The nerve!!!

And like I didn’t know that yet!!! Oo! Alam kong ang kapal ko! Na siguro, linta nga ako! Pewo anong magagawa ko? Hindi ako blessed career wise eh!

Sino ba namang gustong bumagsak sa NCLEX ng paulitulit, magtrabaho sa retail at kutyahin ng tao!?!?! Like I didn’t know how horrible my life is already!


Hindi ganong kadali sakin ang bumili ng
Kotse kahit na second hand lang. Minimum lang sweldo ko no! At hindi rin maganda ang hours ko. Bawas pa nga eh! I’m trying to really get by. Tapos yung ibang tao, kung magsalita parang ang dali dali lang ng lahat.

Sana ganon nga lang? Ewan ko ba, bakit sa dinami dami, ako pa ang pinaka minalas sa lahat… Haha!!! Bwiset talagah! Sasabihin ng iba, I’m not trying hard enough. Eh ano pa bang klaseng ‘pag tra-try hard’ ang gusto nila??? Ewan! Walang kasupo-suporta o kahit man lang konting tact sa pagsasabi nya sakin.

Naaasar lang ako!!! Tapos tong si Josh, when I mentioned na punta ako sa Chicago to be with my dad, kinutya pa ang edad ko. Na kesyo matanda na daw ako to be living with them. Like excuse me??? Mind your own fucking business, asshole! If I can live by my own, I will. But I won’t do it just to pretend in front of people that I CAN when obviously, I cannot — at all! I know its shameful especially with my age and all pewo hindi rin ako tanga na gawin ang isang bagay na hindi ako sigurado. Haynako, BV siya! But I won’t let it get in the way of my very wonderful Anime Expo experience. Hahahaha! Marami pa akong ibang problema para pati siya problemahin ko pa!


Fast Fact:
When I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of mascots!!! Especially that purple blob thing at McDonalds? Arg! I hated that thing! I used to get under the table and hide from it! I think I got over my fear when I had clowns for my 7th birthday… But not really. I remember not really going near them if I can help it. Haha!!!

Now, my fear is watching horror movies!!!! Fuck that shit! Hahaha!

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