First Date

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After a month of talking to Kam, we finally went on a date.

It was kinda a spur of the moment thing. He only had 4hrs of work at Walmart and he didn’t wanna waste time with just minimum hours at the store so he told me that if I wanted, we can just hang out after his other day job :3

Which we obviously did earlier today. We decided to watch Transformers at Long Beach. The movie was supah long…. It was alright. As we were waiting for our movie to start, we were just talking and I was really at ease together with him :3

After the movie, we decided to eat out. Since he’s vegetarian, I let him choose where he wanna eat. At first, we decided to go to BJ’s. And when we’re driving there, he made mention of this really good Indian restaurant and then we just changed our plan and ate there.

It was my first time. And It was really good, apparently! He ordered us food and i loved it! And we talked, we laughed, we talked some more and we just had a blast :3

I enjoyed every moment of it. I tried offering my share of the bill but he’s the traditional gentleman and aww.. I really find him sweet and charming :3

On our way home, I told him about my move to Chicago and contrary to what I have expected, he was really supportive about it. I even texted him about it, just to see if he understood the gravity of the situation when I first made mention of it but like what he said earlier, as long as I’m happy there, he’ll be happy for me…

Pogi points!!!!

Haha! At the moment, we are talking over text. Haha! We’ll see what will happen. Haha! But right now, I’m just enjoying whatever it is we’re both sharing. And at the end of the day, I gave him a goodbye hug. Least that I can do. Haha! We’ll go out again very soon. Yay!

– – –

Fast Fact:
i like dry rice over wet rice. To me, wet rice is only good for sushi.. Haha!

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